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Toronto, Ontario

Nervcast is a hard rock band based out of Toronto Canada. After releasing their debut EP Locked And Loaded in October 2017, the band came out with a followup EP earlier this year, appropriately titled Two Weeks Notice. They spent a year and a half writing new material and playing live, with some of the highlights being the Toronto Heavy Metal boat cruise, opening for the Killer Dwarfs, and opening for Warrior Soul. Now, they're looking to tour extensively and bring their music to new fans around the globe.  Nervcast is quickly gaining a reputation as a high energy rock band attracting fans of ACDC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Alice In Chains to their local shows. - Nervcast




Rock, hard rock

Awards & Accolades


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Years Active


2017 - present 



Two Weeks

Locked And Loaded

Fallen Angels


Everett Mason – Guitar / Vocals Kevin Daliri – Guitar Galen Weir – Bass Matthew Humphreys - Drums

Music & Merch

Nervcast - Locked And Loaded (EP) - 2017
Nervcast - Two Weeks Notice (EP) - 2019.

Locked And Loaded (EP) - 2017

Two Weeks Notice (EP) - 2019

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