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Nikki Cruze (hard rock, AOR)

Hailing from British Columbia, and despite their name Nikki Cruze weren't a glam hard rock / sleaze band. They were not exactly a band but a duo, and while this, their self-titled album was released in 1995, their musical style is pure '80s inspired Melodic Rock / AOR. Consisting of lead vocalist Robin Lei Tietz and Craig Passant, both multi-instrumentalists as well, NIKKI CRUZE delivers here some awesome tunes and melodies.


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Comin' Home                                         Joe's Song

So Many Nights                                     Open Up The Skies

You Were With Me                                  Stop The Blast

You Are The Light                                  Say Goodnight

Again                                                      We Rock


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Nikki Cruze - 1995

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