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No Big Deal (punk, pop punk)

Five guys with instruments and nothing to lose: this carefree spirit defines NO BIG DEAL from Streetsville, ON, a band that answers the desperate call for a fiery, anthemic brand of punk rock. In their five years as a band, NO BIG DEAL have challenged themselves to play as much as possible, wherever possible, and you'd be hard-pressed to ignore their uncontainable energy onstage. From festival stages to club shows, the band's all-or-nothing attitude is irresistible, making an impact on a music scene starving for something new, fresh and honest.

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No Big Deal - Time For Love (EP) - 2014.

Time For Love (EP) - 2014


1. Story Of My Life 03:36

2. Beer Career 02:20

3. Thinking About You 03:59

4. The Road 03:47

No Big Deal - Take The Bait (EP) - 2016.

Take The Bait (EP) - 2016


1. Deadliest Catch 03:44

2. Savannah Rowe 03:40

3. Harty Pard 03:30

4. Fine Wine 03:56

5. Judy Nails 02:15

6. As I Exhale 04:46

No Big Deal - Smiling Politely (EP) - 20

Smiling Politely (EP) - 2018


1. Once Wild 03:28

2. Up All Night 03:14

3. Bring The Rain 03:46

4. Can't Let This Go 03:22

5. Great Escape 03:52


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