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Octavian (folk rock)

Octavian was a folk rock band from Ottawa, Ontario. Formed in 1969 as Octavius it was a part-time band (members all had professional day jobs) until MCA Records (Canada) signed them in 1974. Members were Rob McDonald (keyboards), Ray Lessard (bass), Bill Gavreau (lead guitar), Darren Alguire (lead vocals), John Pulkkinen (lead vocals), Warren Barbour (guitar), and Kirk Dorrow (drums). Their 1974 debut single, “Good Feeling (To Know)” made the Top10 in many major markets in Canada. 1975 saw the release of their only album, ‘Simple Kinda People’, and launched two other singles, “Round and Round” and another single “Hold Me, Touch Me” which did slightly better but still didn’t put the band firmly on the music map.

Octavian - Simple Kinda People - 1975.jpg

Simple Kinda People - 1975


A1 Hold Me, Touch Me 2:25                          A2 Magic 3:10

A3 Sun In Your Eyes 3:23                             A4 Round And Round 3:20

A5 In Trouble Again 2:12                               A6 Work It Out Together 2:45

B1 Good Feeling (To Know) 2:27                  B2 Desperate Man 2:28

B3 Good Times 2:43                                     B4 Tell Me Why 2:18

B5 Johnny Lightning 2:38                             B6 Simple Kinda People 2:45


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