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Vancouver, British Columbia

Odds are an alternative rock band.  The band was formed in 1987 in Vancouver, British Columbia, consisting of vocalist-guitarists Craig Northey and Steven Drake (both of whom had led different bands appearing on a Vancouver music compilation album, Spotlight '86), bassist Doug Elliott and drummer Paul Brennan. The band members claim the name came when Brennan asked Drake, in a town somewhere on the BC coast, "What are the odds of us ever escaping bullshit gigs like this?"  The band was nominated for a Juno in 1994 for Best New Group.  - Wikipedia



Associated Acts

Years Active


1987 – 1999, 2007 – present


Someone Who's Cool

It Falls Apart

Eat My Brain


Music & Merch

Neopolitan - 1991

Bedbugs - 1993

Good Weird Feeling - 1995

Nest - 1996

Singles: Individually Wrapped - 2000

Cheerleader - 2008

The Most Beautiful Place On Earth - 2013

Game Face On - 2014

Party Party Party - 2014

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