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Oliver Klaus (psychedelic rock)

The brothers Singfield from Waterloo, Québec began playing music in high school by the mid-1960s. Having been inspired by The Beatles, they formed several bands before settling on the name Oliver Klaus (Maurice’s middle name) with bassist Graham Worden in 1967. They scrounged up used recording gear and laid down original songs for the A-side of their self-produced, self-titled debut album; the flip-side live performances from a show at the Waterloo Arena. They released the album independently in 1969. The band would make in-roads around Québec and released several singles. - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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Oliver Klaus - 1970


For The Boys                                                Walk In The Night

Here Comes The Sun                                   Sunny Day

Feeling Groovy                                              Traveling Song

Kentucky Woman                                          Season Of The Witch

Break Song

Homeless - 1996


1 Homeless 5:28                                        2 Sing A Happy Song 3:14

3 Father Like A Son 6:51                           4 Once Upon A Time 3:07

5 Timeless Machine 5:38                           6 Get Back Jack 4:50

7 In The Woods 5:06                                 8 Big Boss 3:34

9 Bring It On Home To Me 5:29                10 Merry-Go-Round 5:21

11 Eastern Township Land 2:52


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Oliver Klaus - Homeless -
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