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Organized Rhyme (rap, hip hop)

Organized Rhyme was a hip hop group based in Ottawa, Ontario, known primarily for the fame later achieved by one of its members, comedian Tom Green.  Organized Rhyme's musical formula focused on three principal facets: catchy beats, simplistic choruses, and clever rhymes. The formula proved itself to be profitable: the group's first single, "Check the O.R.," won the MuchVibe Best Rap Video (MMVA Award) in 1992 and was nominated for a Juno Award in 1993.

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Organized Rhyme - Huh Stiffenin Against

Huh? Stiffenin' Against The Wall - 1992


Prelude 1 0:43                                            Head For The Border 3:22

Bring The Horns 4:38                                 Luv 2 3:52

Prelude 2 0:55                                            Warm And Easy 3:16

Check The O.R. 4:13                                 Armadillo Song 2:52                               

Cookies And Crackers 3:49                       The Rain Song 4:11

Papercuts 5:29                                           Prelude 3 0:27

The Idiots 4:04                                           The Cutting Song 1:24

Prelude 4 0:36                                            Dabbling On The Mic 3:29

Mind Your Business 2:35                            Prelude 5 0:42                   

Happy Song 3:55                                        Luv 1 3:05

Prelude 6 3:39                                            Check The O.R. (Bikini Drifter Remix) 4:48


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