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The Original Caste (folk, pop)

Canada's original folk blues vocal band. The pop group was founded by Bruce Innes in Calgary, Alberta in 1966. Originally named The North Country Singers, the group began its career singing in coffee houses and restaurants across Canada. In 1968, they moved to Los Angeles and changed the group name to The Original Caste. They recorded two singles for Dot Records and had limited success, but then signed with TA Records in 1969. At TA Records they met Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter, who produced their first two hit singles, One Tin Soldier (which was used successfully in the cult film Billy Jack, performed by the band Coven) and Mr. Monday, and their first album., One Tin Soldier The success of these two songs (Certified Gold in Canada and Japan) enabled the group to tour extensively in The United States, Canada, and Japan. 

original caste.jpg
The Original Caste - One Tin Soldier - 1

One Tin Soldier - 1969


One Tin Soldier 3:36                                    Mr. Monday 2:56

Country Song 3:15                                       A Picture Of Bob Dylan 2:54

Nothing Can Touch Me 2:55                        Leaving It ALl Behind 2:44

Watch The Children 2:54                             Highway 3:35

Sweet Chicago 4:38                                     Live For Tomorrow 3:18

Original Caste - Live In Japan -

Live In Japan - 1972


Mr. Monday (Opening Theme) 0:32                I Just Want To Be Your Friend 2:28

I Prithee Do Not Ask For Love 3:22                Come Together 2:55

Simple Song Of Freedom 4:22                       Hard Loving Loser 6:35

One Tin Soldier 3:13                                       Me And Bobby McGee 3:27

Sault St. Marie 3:43                                        Ain't That Telling You People 2:44

Son Of A Preacher Man 2:25                         Hey Jude 8:45

Mr. Monday 2:35

Original Caste - Back Home - 1974.jpg


A1 Slide Up Under My Shoulder 2:22             A2 Underground 3:33

A3 We Will Live Together 3:50                        A4 Give Me The Good News 2:55

A5 Written All Over Me 3:40                           B1 If He Don't Have No Love 3:30

B2 Butte Montana 3:18                                   B3 Last Highway Song 3:23

B4 Overdose Of The Blues 4:30                     B5 Station Wagon Melody 2:40

Back Home - 1974


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