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Outlaws Of Ravenhurst (rock, hard rock)

Outlaws of Ravenhurst are a hard rock band from Calgary, Alberta. The band is composed of bassist Dan D'Agostino, guitarist and vocalist Ken Murdoch Jr., and drummer Gabe Antal. The band was first conceived by D'Agostino and Murdoch in Cologne, Germany as a concept loosely based on a book of the same title by Sister M. Imelda Wallace. The band first released their debut album, "Book I," in November 2011. The album was paid for by crowd funding through the website Kickstarter. It is a concept album that explores medieval themes of fantasy. The album reached the #1 spot of CJSW's "Loud" chart in 2012. Outlaws have been compared to "Triumph, Rush and Iron Maiden.

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Outlaws Of Ravenhurst - Book I -

Book I - 2011


1 Prologue                                                2 The Grey Clocked Stranger

3 Brown-head Goes Fishing                     4 Uncle Roger

5 When Men Play Marbles                       6 Castle Ravenhurst

7 By The Old Fireplace                             8 My Friend Godfrey

9 The Ruin In The Wood                          10 The Mercy Of A Coward

11 Secret Of The Fireplace                      12 Return Of Lang-Sword

Book II - 2013


Last Stand Of Old Earl                            Guardians Of The King

Glory Of The Bitter End                           Splinter Of The Lang-Sword

Escape                                                    Secret Passages

Sir James Of Gordon                              Muckle John

Gordon For God And Our Lady               Rock Raven No More

In The Hallow Of God's Hand                 Our Lady's Home


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Outlaws Of Ravenhurst - Myths & Legends


1. Myths & Legends 03:46                       2. The Gallows 04:23

3. Abominable 04:45                                4. Gentle Giant 05:26

5. The Maiden & The Serf 05:16             6. The Crystal Princess 04:40

7. Ashore 07:24

Myths & Legends - 2019