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Passenger Action (punk, post punk)

Passenger Action came together in September 2006. Members Shawn Moncreiff and Clay Shea recently wrapped up a 13-year run in Choke, a band that created and defined the term tech-rock. Playing faster and more complexly than anyone at the time, these boys trail-blazed a sound for many acts that followed. Ryan Podlubny (Pud) played most recently in Toronto’s The Fullblast. Allan Harding was born into a family/wedding band in his hometown of Wadena, SK. He went on to play a variety of instruments in some 41 acts (!) and is most noted for Edmonton’s now defunct Thirty Nights of Violence. A natural chemistry fueled the writing of their Debut EP Acoustic Blueprints, which was independently released in the summer of 2007.

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Passenger Action - Passenger action - 20

Passenger Action - 2009


1 Tonight We Resonate                               2 Done With The Downfall

3 Absent Minds                                            4 Foreign Signals

5 (Night Frisbee)                                         6 To Credit The Archives

7 Isolated From The Cause                         8 Surface Issues

9 Beneath The Rust                                    10 (Good Ones Are Hard To Come By)

11 Struggling With Irony                              12 Twenty Weeks


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Passenger Action - Acoustic Blueprints (


1The Flight Test

2Focus On Design

3This Position

4Disrupt The Flow


6The Fuel That I Need

7Down With The Downfall

Acoustic Blueprints (EP) - 2008