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Personality Crisis (punk)

Personality Crisis was a punk rock band formed in 1979 in Winnipeg. Originally named Le Kille, the band played a complex yet powerful form of 1980s punk. Their slim recorded output remains highly sought by collectors. The band was formed in 1979 as Le Kille by bassist Mitch Funk, who would remain the group's only consistent member, guitarists Tommy Wharton and Walter Kot, drummer Ed Asselin, singer Doug Bauer, and wind instrumentalist J. LePlume. Personality Crisis released one LP, 1983's Creatures for Awhile [sic] on Risky Records, as well as several demo tapes. In 2008, GFY Press published Personality Crisis: Warm Beer and Wild Times, a biography of the band by author Chris Walter.

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Personality Crisis - Creatures For Awhil

Creatures For Awhile - 1983


Vampire's Dream                                            Mrs. Palmer

Twighlights Last Gleaming                             The Advocate

Double Take                                                   People In Glass

The Look                                                        Creatures For A While

Scavengers                                                    Wild Game

Name Dropper                                               Tyrants

Personality Crisis - Personality Crisis

Personality Crisis (comp) - 2017


Contains tracks from the following albums

"Creatures For Awhile" LP (1983)

The First Demo (1981)

The Second Demo (1981)

The 'Club Foot' Demos (1982)

Compilation Tracks


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