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Photograph (rock, pop)

Belleville’s Photograph began in 1969 as Creed. Signed to Buddah Records, they weren’t able to break in North America. A name change to The Elevators did nothing to change their status, but in 1979 they managed to land a record deal with Capitol Records at which time they changed their name to Photograph. Three successful singles were released from their self-titled debut produced by Stacy Hayden and Gene Martynec in 1981.  The band split up in 1984. Members were Andy Forgie (vocals) / Mark Rashotte (guitar) / Mark Wilkins (bass, vocals) / John Paul Murphy (drums).  - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Encyclopedia

Photograph - The Photograph Album - 1981

The Photograph Album - 1981


The Last Dance                                       Mystery Girl

She Makes Me                                        Piece Of My Heart

39,000 Ft.                                                Runnin' Home

Blow Away                                              Sarah

Shine A Light                                          At The Toll Of The Bell


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