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The Plastic Cloud (psychedelic rock)

The Plastic Cloud was a psychedelic rock band formed in Bay Ridges, Ontario in 1967 and which existed for approximately a year thereafter. Taking inspiration from The Byrds, they developed one experimental album in the group's lifetime before disbanding. The Plastic Cloud's music, though not marketed successfully during the band's incarnation, has garnered interest for its innovation in the psychedelic genre. The band was originally a folk rock quartet composed of bassist Brian Madill, lead vocalist Don Brewer, lead guitarist Mike Cadieux, and drummer Randy Umphrey. In their beginnings, the band typically played commercially appealing folk rock songs in their live performances.

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Plastic Cloud - The Plastic Cloud - 1968

The Plastic Cloud - 1968


Epistle To Paradise 3:25                                      Shadows Of Your Mind 4:10

Art's A Happy Man 3:05                                        You Don't Care 10:25

Bridge Under The Sky 4:25                                  Face Behind The Sun 4:43

Dainty General Rides 4:05                                   Civilization Machine 8:55


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