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Pluto (alternative rock)

Pluto was an alternative rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. They were nominated for a 1997 Juno Award for Best New Group. The band consisted of vocalist and guitarist Ian Jones, guitarist Rolf Hetherington, bassist John Ounpuu and, drummer Justin Leigh.  After independently releasing a number of singles, the band released its debut album Cool Way to Feel in 1995 on Mint Records. They followed by a four-song EP in 1996. They subsequently signed to Virgin Records, for whom they released two full-length albums.

Pluto - Cool Way to Feel - 1995.jpg


1 Thirsty                                                        2 Expelled

3 It's Over                                                     4 Failure

5 Details                                                       6 #17

7 Paste                                                         8 Deathstar

9 Menthol                                                     10 Cool Way To Feel

11 Locked And Loaded                                12 Pretty Little Jacket

13 Dirty

Cool Way To Feel - 1995

Pluto - Pluto - 1996.jpg

Pluto - 1996


Regenerate                                                Failure

Black Lipstick                                             Paste

Blaupunk                                                    Locked 'N' Loaded

Uncola                                                        Expelled

When She Was Happy                               Details

Thirsty                                                         It's Over

Pluto - Shake Hands With The Future - 19


Unsatisfied 3:50                                       Zig Zaggin 2:50

The Goodbye Girl 2:41                            Out Of My System 3:04

The Balls 2:44                                          Still In Schoo l3:20

Plastic Surgery 2:19                                 Another Look In The Mirror 2:56

Dislocated Girl 4:08                                  Sweet Sound 2:31

Desperate Lovers 2:50                             Playing Nurse 3:55

Shake Hands With The Future - 1998


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