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Po Lazarus (garage rock)

Montreal based passion-rock group, Po Lazarus, is founded by frontman Joshua Carey and bassist/guitarist Paul Mascarenhas, the songwriters of the group. Their commitment to the importance of lyricism and authenticity in their work, paired with mastery of musicianship amongst the outfit they have assembled, is undeniable. Their live stage presence remains unmatched in their hometown. Devout music boys, just trying to keep things civil while the guitar sweats.

Po Lazarus

Po Lazarus - Po Lazarus (EP) - 2014.jpg


1. Backyard Voodoo 05:38

2. The Seams 02:54

3. Couple Weeks Time 04:59

4. I'm Coming for You 03:29

5. If You Are Alone 05:29

Po Lazarus (EP) - 2014

Po Lazarus - Ways To End The Night - 201


1. I've Been Sitting Here (All Alone) 04:02            2. Breaking Bottles 05:29

3. Will You Be My Baby? 03:59                             4. Blood Cake 05:41

5. If You Are Alone 05:51                                      6. A Man Loves His Whiskey More Than His Woman 05:14

7. I Won't Take You Home Again Kathleen 05:39  8. I'm Just A Man 04:34

9. Do You Think Of Me? 04:42                              10. The Day The Singer Of The Band Died 05:56

Po Lazarus - O Body (EP) - 2017.jpg


1. Body Luv 05:19

2. Student Body 04:53

3. O Henry (Where Did You Go?) 01:25

4. Bovine 04:28

5. Body Of Water 04:40

O Body (EP) - 2017


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Ways To End The Night - 2016

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