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Poledo (alternative, noise rock)

Poledo was an alternative rock band based in Thornhill, Ontario, consisting of vocalist and bassist Joshua Malinsky, vocalist and guitarist Mitch Roth and drummer Dave Capogna. Their music is characterized by loud, heavily distorted guitar riffs and screamed lyrics. The band released two independent cassettes, Buzz Muffin and Let Up, before signing to Sonic Unyon Records. They released the full-length album There, You on Sonic Unyon in 1995, and shared a split 7" single, Lunar Landing Confirmed, with Hayden on Toronto's Squirtgun Records in 1996. Both releases charted on Canada's campus radio charts in 1996.The band broke up in December 1997 and after performing one final show in early 1998, Malinsky and Roth both joined Hayden's touring band.

Poledo - Let Up - 1994.jpg

Let Up - 1994


A1 Ceiling 3:10                                             A2 Gold 4:03

A3 Let Up 4:54                                             A4 Hey Baby 2:48

A5 Crawl Away 3:43                                     A6 Rain Van 2:39

A7 Spin…3:27                                              -[Silence] 0:26

A8 [Untitled] 4:24


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Poledo - Buzz Muffin - 1994.jpg


A1 Ceiling                                                   A2 Breathe

A3 Downplayer                                           A4 Dead Brother

A5 Digest                                                    B1 Hey Baby

B2 Lovin'                                                     B3 Feel Well

B4 Buzz Muffin

Buzz Muffin - 1994

Poledo - There, You - 1995.jpg


1 Def Meddle 4:07                                    2 Gold 3:54

3 Puddle 2:58                                           4 Crawl Away 3:41

5 Just Don't Care 2:48                             6 Let Up 5:06

7 Yr Soul-less Ass 1:24                            8 Breathe 3:40

9 Ceiling 3:12                                          10 Hey Baby 3:05

11 Dead Brother In A Chair 2:07             12 There, You 16:10

There, You - 1995