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Pukka Orchestra (new wave, rock)

Pukka Orchestra was a new wave band based in Toronto, Ontario in the 1980s. The group released two albums, an EP and several singles, and won a CASBY Award in 1985. "The Pukkas" were one of the most popular and influential bands in Toronto in their era. The core of the band consisted of vocalist/guitarist/song writer Graeme Williamson and guitarists/co-songwriters Neil Chapman and Tony Duggan-Smith. The band's name is derived from the Hindi word pukka, which means "Genuine", "Authentic", "First Class". They performed regularly in Toronto's Queen Street West club scene, usually at The Bamboo, The Cameron House, The Horseshoe Tavern and Grossman's Tavern and signed to Solid Gold Records, releasing their self-titled debut album in 1984.

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Pukka Orchestra - Pukka Orchestra - 1984

Pukka Orchestra - 1984


Cherry Beach Express 3:06                                     Your Secret Is Safe With Me 4:12

Spies Of The Heart 2:52                                          The Deserter 0:51

Might As Well Be On Mars 5:07                               Power Cut 5:16

Listen To The Radio 3:45                                         Miss Right 3:34

Flies (As Big As Your Fist) 3:15                                Rubber Girl 4:35

A Wonderful Time To Be Young 3:10


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Pukka Orchestra - The Palace Of Memory -


Weekend (Come Alive!) 6:14

Knocking On Open Doors 3:59

Goldmine In The Sky 3:59

This Sordid Thing Called Love 4:18

The Palace Of Memory (EP) - 1986

Pukka Orchestra - Dear Harry - 1992.jpg


1 Every Man And Woman (Is A Star}                       2 Weekend (Come Alive) (Remix)

3 The Man In The Iron Glove                                   4 Keeping Warm In The Cold War

5 Knocking On Open Doors                                     6 Nos Amis Les Animaux

7 Waiting In The Wings                                            8 Sordid Thing Called Love (Remix)

9 Elevator Man                                                        10 Might As Well Be On Mars

"Dear Harry" - 1992