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Rain (funk, soul, pop)

Rain was a popular Kitchener-based rock band that scored a #22 hit in Canada in 1971 with "Out of My Mind", written by Greg Hambleton and released on Axe Records. Band members included Phyllis Brown (lead Vocals), Bill McLaughlin (guitars), Chris Woroch (drums), Charley Hall (organ) and Ron Hiller (piano).  Rain broke up after releasing one album and lead singer Phyllis changer her name to Charity Brown and embarked on a successful solo career.

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Out Of My Mind 2:26                                 Let The Love Begin 3:03

Child Of Mine 4:21                                    Got To Get Away 5:11

Reason For Living 3:18                             Caught Right In The Middle Of It 2:59

Here With You 3:18                                   I'll Write You A Letter 3:11

Sad Colours Blues 4:57                            I Don't Want To Leave You 2:53

Rain - 1972


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