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Redeye Empire (alternative rock, reggae, ska)

Redeye Empire is a rock-reggae band from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Their debut album Redeye was released in 2006. The follow-up, The Diary of Everett Miley (2008), created with producers Chris D (Ben Harper, Jack Johnson) and Ben Kaplan (Shakira, Trapt), the Vancouver Province called "modern pop awareness with an occasional ska influence... but... firmly reggae."  Redeye Empire embarked on a second tour with G. Love & Special Sauce in February 2010 to promote their 3rd album titled Sea to Sky.

Redeye Empire

redeye empire.jpg
Redeye Empire - Redeye - 2006.jpg

Redeye - 2006


1 West Coast Livin'                                        2 Stumble

3 Shade Of A Velvet Room                            4 So Tired

5 One Man's Trip                                           6 War Has Begun

7 Sayulita                                                       8 Sunrise

9 Slow Down                                                 10 Too Late Tonight

Redeye Empire - The Diary Of Everett Mil

The Diary Of Everett Miley - 2008


1 Rely On The Music                                     2 Youth Be Tough

3 Why Can't I See You Tonight                      4 Babylon

5 Iron Heart                                                   6 Coward With A Gun

7 Stumble                                                      8 Pack It Up

9 Walk Away                                                 10 Bloodright

11 Falling                                                      12 Last Chance For Sunshine

13 I Don't Think I Can Let You Go

Redeye Empire - Sea To Sky - 2010.jpg

Sea To Sky - 2010


1 Steal My Heart                                          2 Roots

3 Oh I Say                                                   4 Throw Down

5 Redeye                                                     6 Roll Up

7 Baby                                                         8 I Want It All

9 Ramble On                                              10 Take Me Away

11 Gaucho

Redeye Empire - Last Chance For Sunshine

Last Chance For Sunshine - 2011


1 Mike's Dub                                             2 Make You Dance

3 Bring Me Down                                      4 Ben's Annoyance

5 Eric's Song                                             6 Only One

7 Wait For Me                                           8 Break Me

9 My Love                                                10 Stick By You

11 The Ballad Of FU (Ping)


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