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Riverson (psychedelic, folk rock)

Riverson were a short-lived folk, psych band from Montreal, Quebec. The gatefold album was released on Columbia in 1973. The band members were Frankie Hart (Freedom North, Life) on piano, acoustic guitar, recorder, lead vocals on "Can't Live Without You"; Rayburn Blake (Mashmakhan) on Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, lead vocals on "Clear Night"; Brian Edwards (Mashmakhan) on bass, lead vocals on "Stoney Day" and "Between the Lines"; and Graham Lear (Santana, Paris Black, Truck, Paul Anka, REO Speedwagon) on drums. The Riverson album was produced by John Williams and was recorded at Manta Studios in Toronto, Ontario.

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Clear Night                                              Winter Garden

Eleanor Rigby                                          I'll Be There

Empty Sky                                               Take Me

Stoney Day                                              Between The Lines

Can't Live With Out You                           Medaillon Castle

Hermit Glen

Riverson - 1973


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