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Robert Connely Farr (blues, rock)

Robert Connely Farr is a songwriter from Bolton, Mississippi currently residing in Vancouver, BC. For the past 10 years, he has fronted Vancouver based Southern rockers Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty. Since 2017, cherished Mississippi bluesman Jimmy “Duck” Holmes (Bentonia, Mississippi) has been mentoring Connely in the Bentonia Style of the Delta Blues, a style that Holmes learned directly from Henry Stuckey, who taught Skip James & Jack Owens.  In early 2018, Connely teamed up with Canadian producer & acclaimed songwriter Leeroy Stagger to record an album of the songs written during this mentorship titled “Dirty South Blues”.   ‘Just Jive’, a song that Jimmy “Duck” Holmes wrote in ’81 & was almost lost forever - is a co-write with Robert Connely Farr & Jimmy “Duck” Holmes. - Robert Connely Farr

robert connely farr.jpg
Robert Connely Farr - Mississippi Live -

Mississippi Live - 2010

Robert Connely Farr - Way Down Here - 20

Way Down Here - 2011

Robert Connely Farr - Going Down - 2015.

Going Down - 2015

Robert Connely Farr - Yes Ma'am - 2016.j

Yes Ma'am (EP) - 2015

Robert Connely Farr - Magnolia (EP) - 20

Magnolia (EP) - 2017

Robert Connely Farr & The Rebeltone Boys

Dirty South Blues - 2018

Robert Connely Farr - Gasoline -

Gasoline - 2020

Robert Connely Farr - Live In EastVan -

Live In EastVan - 2020

Robert Connely Farr - Country Supper - 2

Country Supper - 2020

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