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Robert Graham (pop, rock)

Growing up both in British Columbia and Western Australia, from an early age Robert Graham divided his time equally between honing his skills as a classical piano player and attempting to learn every pop/rock song on the radio! He continues the journey in Perth as a professional musical journeyman, creator and collaborator. His collaborations have included several multi-genre bands and ensembles - touring the UK with Canadian roots supergroup "Tanglefoot" (Winner - Best Vocal Group - 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards) performing with Western Australia's "Los Chasquis", legendary WA Aboriginal band "YABU", and the West Australian Opera Company.

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Robert Graham - Storm In A Teacup - 2009.jpg

Storm In A Teacup - 2009


1 Blue Lullaby (Intro) 1:16                              2 Reaching You 3:58

3 Sunshine 5:36                                             4 Set It Free 4:26

5 Living In A Coma 4:45                                 6 Don't Go 3:55

7Jonathon Baker 5:25                                    8 In Love With A Girl 2:43

9 Second Prelude 4:41                                 10 Set It Free (Afro-Astro Mix) 4:33


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