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Rockadrome (psychedelic rock, blues)

Rockadrome (guitarists Ron Dove and Mike Clancy, along with bassist Paul Lachapelle and drummer Rick Vallieres) formed in Toronto in 1968, with the older Clancy having once recorded with rockabilly acts Jack Bailey and The Naturals and Jerry Warren and The Tremblers. Royal American... seems to have one foot planted on either side of the Atlantic, flitting from Brit-infused freakbeat ('Very Strange') to acerbic West Coast guitar jams ('Thirteen Miles Down'), sometimes even in the same song (the amazing five-minute title track). Recorded in the early months of 1969 at Art Snider's Sound Canada studios in Toronto and pressed up in very limited quantities, Royal American 20th Century Blues is an impossibly rare psych-rock curios.

Rockadrome - Royal American 20yh Century


R.A.T.C.B. Teaser 1:18                                 Very Strange 3:15

Thirteen Miles Down 2:23                             Royal American Twentieth Century Blues 4:57

Live And Love Child 1:41                              There You Go Again 3:25

Inside Out, Inside In 3:50                              T.O. Town 2:17

Ain't It A Shame 3:17                                    Good Dream 3:37

R.A.T.C.B. Reprise 4:44

Royal American 20th Century Blues - 1969


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