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Rose  Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

London, Ontario

Rose Cora Perry grew up during the 90s and she’s not about to let anyone forget it. Acclaimed as one of the top #10 indie talents across Canada and a personal favourite of former MuchMusic VJ Bill Welychka, Perry’s dynamic songwriting and stage presence as much as her unconventional DIY attitude have made her the subject of many a media exposé.  The former frontwoman of major label signed grunge quartet, Anti-Hero, it didn’t take long for Perry to rediscover her footing as a fiery electric guitar-wielding band leader for her latest project, The Truth Untold.  Formed in 2016 in an effort to promote Perry’s most recent solo endeavour, in the mere three years they’ve been a group, The Truth Untold have already rocked audiences of over 200,000. - Rose Cora Perry

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Alternative, Indie rock

Awards & Accolades


Nominated for "Best Rock Artist" (Toronto Independent Music Awards) - 2017

Rose Cora Perry named among "favourite singer/songwriters" by famed media personality and former MuchMusic VJ Bill Welychka - 2018


Years Active


1991 - present 



Easy Prey

Unspoken Words



Rose Cora Perry and Tyler Randall

Music & Merch

Rosa Cora Perry (HER) - Straight From Th
Rosa Cora Perry - Feisty - 2004.jpg
Rosa Cora Perry (Anti-Hero) - Unpretty -

Straight From The Loft (as HER) - 2003

Feisty - 2004

Unpretty (as Anti-Hero) - 2005

Rosa Cora Perry - Off The Pages - 2010.j
Rosa Cora Perry - Onto The Floor - 2016.

Off Of The Pages - 2010

Onto The Floor - 2016

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