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Ryan Van Belleghem (folk, new country)

Ryan Van Belleghem is a singer songwriter, born in the mosquito-infested forests of Northwestern Ontario. He is often seen emerging from the jack pines, and venturing to shore from his kayaking trips on Lake of the Woods in his hometown Kenora, Ontario. Heading west, Ryan has found his way to the liberating central prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba. After releasing his first album in 2010 entitled “Another Man”, Ryan released a second album with CBG studios in Winnipeg entitled “For A Home”, reflecting on his contrasting life between the lake, the woods, and the city, which is apparent in such songs as “For A Home” and “One Hell Of A Year”.

ryan van belleghem.jpg
Ryan Van Belleghem - Another Man - 2010.

Another Man - 2010

Ryan Van Belleghem - For A Home - 2012.j

For A Home - 2012

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