Rymes With Orange

Vancouver, British Columbia

RWO formed in Vancouver in the early 1990s. Rob Lulic, Bob D'Eith and Alexander Julien were looking for a fresh new singer to assist them in the upcoming Battle of the bands. After a chance meeting with Manchester born singer Lyndon Johnson, Rymes with Orange was formed. The group has since released four CDs and toured North America, Great Britain, Mainland Europe, and New Zealand.  RWO has had three top 10 singles on Canadian Rock Radio and sales of over 70,000 CDs worldwide.  -  Wikipedia


Associated Acts





Years Active


1992 - 2017



Toy Train

She Forgot To Laugh

Loving Enemy


Lyndon Johnson, Rob Lulic, Steeve Hennessy
Nelson Sinclair, Niko Quintal, Kevin Spencer

Music & Merch

Peel - 1992

Crash - 1999

Trapped In The Machine - 1994

One More Mile - 2003

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