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School Damage (punk, hardcore)

Toronto melodic-hardcore trio School Damage has a new single out (Nov. 2020), blazing through the tracks "No Love" and "Some People Actually Like Their Jobs" in well under two minutes (a minute and a half, really). What more could you ask for in these fraught times but a little bit of brevity?  "No Love" originally appeared on the EH OH LET'S GO! Canadian punk compilation from Missouri's Gutter Pop Records. School Damage last released the Fuckin' Rights EP in 2019, following up their 2018 LP, Hello, Cruel World. - Adam White, Some Party

School Damage - School Damage - 2012.jpg

School Damage - 2012

School Damage - Get Weird - 2013.jpg

Get Weird - 2013

School Damage - Straight D's - 2014.jpg

Straight D's - 2014

School Damage - Battered Lives -

Battered Lives - 2016

School Damage - Hello, Cruel World - 201

Hello, Cruel World - 2018

School Damage - Fuckin' Rights -

Fuckin' Rights - 2019

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