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Sea Dog (rock, blues)

Sudbury group Taxi relocated to Toronto in 1968 where they changed their name to The Tote Family and released two 7″ singles. After not being able to catch any chart action the band dissolved. Several members carried on and they would eventually grab keyboardist Varty and former Magic Bubble member Kirkwood to put a new act together under the name SeaDog. With help from manager Terry Fillion, the group signed to CHUM radio’s MUCH Records label in 1971 after doing a live audition for executives. Several singles where released, then compiled into an LP in 1974 which was produced by Ralph Murphy. Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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Sea Dog - 1972


Ain't No Use                                                                Rock 'N' Roll Business

Everybody                                                                   Everybody What's My Name

I Don't Wanna Hear                                                    I'm Going Down

Welfare Blues                                                             On The Street

Touch You In My Mind                                                 Tell Him


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