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Silver Starling (indie rock)

Silver Starling is an indie pop band from Montreal, Quebec. It began as a project of Montreal-born singer-songwriter Marcus Paquin. Outside of creating his own music Marcus has been a recording engineer having worked with Stars, Torngat, Arcade Fire and many others for over 10 years. Falling under the genre classification of pop/rock their sound has been described as "brilliantly conceived, skillfully executed art-pop", "touchingly vulnerable yet heart-achingly optimist slow rock tinged with the gentleness of folk" with "an eclectic-yet-carefully-plotted blend of elements of Blues, Country, Rock". Before releasing their debut album on Toronto/Montreal based label Last Gang Records (Metric, Ohbijou) Silver Starling were featured on three large Canadian Music Festivals; Osheaga, Hillside and the Toronto Virgin Fest.

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Silver Starling - Silver Starling - 2009


Something Over Nothing                              Caught In Your Glow

Closer                                                           Blind

Ghosts                                                          Love And A Broken Heart

Blue Light                                                     This Is Not A Dream

The News                                                     Old Man

Silver Starling - 2009


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