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Sixty Stories (indie rock)

Sixty Stories is a three piece, female-fronted indie rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba that formed in 1999. The band's original members included Jo Snyder (guitar, vocals), Kelly Martin (bass), and Paul Furgale (drummer, formerly of Painted Thin). In 2001 they released a split-CD with the defunct band Painted Thin titled Different Places to Sit / A Loveless Kiss. Martin left the band in mid-2001. Soon after, Sarah Sangster joined the band on bass. They released the album Anthem Red which appeared on the Canadian National College Radio Charts. In November 2006, Sixty Stories reunited in preparation for a German tour promoted by the punk label The Company With The Golden Arm.

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Sixty Stories - Anthem Red - 2002.jpg

Anthem Red - 2002


Countdown 3:52                                             First Bell 3:09

Second Hand Table & Chairs 2:49                 Jessica 3:24

Less Of Me 2:48                                             Constellations 4:57

It's So Touching 3:55                                      Jingle 0:11

Quit My Job 3:00                                            A Letter From Mom 6:41

Wet Cement 2:59                                           Anthem Red 3:48


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