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Soul Filter (rock, pop)

An emerging rock band from Summerside, PEI, Soul Filter blends pop, rock, blues and folk with soulful emotive vocals, and empowering, often introspective lyrics. Fronted by husband & wife duo Karen & Mike Penton, their debut album “A Minor Conspiracy” was nominated for Music PEI’s 2020 Rock Recording of the year.  Lead singer/songwriter Karen gets her inspiration from artists like Alanis Morisette, Sheryl Crow & The Cranberries.  They have shared the stage with Canadian icons Big Wreck, The Road Hammers, Honeymoon Suite & Haywire as well as some PEI’s favorites; Little Cities, Rachel Beck & Dennis Ellsworth.  Their music has been featured on local, online and CBC radio and in 2019 they reached CBC’s Searchlight Top 100 with their second single “Like Water”.

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Soul Filter - A Minor Conspiracy - 2018.


1. After All 03:49                                          2. Beautiful Raven 03:48

3. Like Water 04:02                                     4. How Do I Forget You 04:14

5. Armor 04:00                                             6. Lightning Strikes 03:08

7. On My Own 03:28                                   8. No Reply 05:21

9. On The Verge 03:32                               10. Illogical Heart 04:10

A Minor Conspiracy - 2018


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