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Sunday Wilde - Broken String Of Pearls -

Broken String Of Pearls - 2009

Sunday Wilde - What Man Oh That Man - 20

What Man? Oh, That Man - 2010

Sunday Wilde - He Gave Me A Blue Nightgo

He Gave Me A Blue Nightgown - 2013

Sunday Wilde - He Digs Me - 2014.jpg
Sunday Wilde - Blueberries & Grits - 201
Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack - Two -

Sunday Wilde (rock, blues, roots)

Sunday Wilde is from the wilds of a northern Ontario small town, and has been found singing everywhere from small logging towns at funeral parlours, and blues joints and all the way to large festivals, and bars in bustling metropolises. She is a powerful and intense vocalist, a rare voice that speaks from the primal soul. Sunday is a songwriter who explores the subjects of grief, addiction, love and the torment of social and family dysfunction. Her lyrics and delivery make it abundantly clear that she speaks from experience and authority.  She has six albums of mostly original music. - Sunday Wilde

He Digs Me - 2014

Blueberries & Grits - 2016

Two w/ Reno Jack - 2017

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