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Sylvia Tyson (country, folk)

Sylvia Tyson, (born Sylvia Fricker, 19 September 1940 in Chatham, Ontario) is a musician, performer, singer-songwriter and broadcaster. She is best known as part of the folk duo Ian and Sylvia, with Ian Tyson. Since 1993, she has been a member of the all-female folk group Quartette.  From 1959 to 1974, she was half of the popular folk duo Ian & Sylvia with Ian Tyson. The two met after a friend of Tyson heard her sing at a party and let Ian know about her; Tyson had been performing in Toronto clubs as a solo artist, but after he and Fricker met, they decided to work together as a duo. After the Tysons separated and stopped performing together in 1975, Sylvia started a solo career. She was nominated seven times for a Juno Award, the first being in 1987 as Country Female Vocalist of the Year, and was made a member of the Order of Canada in 1994.

sylvia tyson.jpg
Sylvia Tyson - Woman's World - 1975.jpg

Woman's World - 1975

Sylvia Tyson - Cool Wind From The North

Cool Wind From The North - 1976

Sylvia Tyson - Satin On Stone - 1978.jpg

Satin On Stone - 1978

Sylvia Tyson - Sugar For Sugar Salt For

Sugar For Sugar, Salt For Salt - 1979

Sylvia Tyson - Big Spotlight - 1986.jpg

Big Spotlight - 1986

Sylvia Tyson - You Were On My Mind - 198

You Were On My Mind - 1989

Sylvia Tyson - Gypsy Cadillac - 1992.jpg

Gypsy Cadillac - 1992

Sylvia Tyson - River Road & Other Storie

River Road & Other Stories - 2000

Sylvia Tyson - The very Best Of Sylvia T

The Very Best Of... - 2001

Sylvia Tyson - Joyner's Dream - 2011.jpg

Joyner's Dream - 2011

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