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Tasha & The Sweet Talkers (indie, alternative rock)

Tasha & the Sweet Talkers from Toronto ain’t your typical indie band. Fusing the grittiness of rock with the charming sensibilities of pop music, this 5-piece gang of misfits will push you headfirst into the world of alternative-pop.  Their debut single “Get Away” was released June 11th, 2016 on Bandcamp and Youtube. The band’s self-titled EP was released July 2017. Members include Vocals - Tasha Jade, Guitar - Evan McIntyre, Keys/ Synth - Paige BaileyBass - Hayden Crocker, Drums - Logan Coey
 - Tasha & The Sweet Talkers


1. Love On The Line 03:37

2. Guilty Pleasure 02:41

3. Euphoria 03:54

4. Aphrodite 04:00

5. Get Away 02:51

6. Lies 05:08

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Tasha & The Sweet Talkers - 2017

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