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Ten Second Epic (alternative rock, pop, punk)

Ten Second Epic were an alternative rock band from Edmonton, Alberta consisting of Andrew Usenik on vocals, Daniel Carriere and Craig Spelliscy on guitar, Sandy MacKinnon on bass guitar and Patrick Birtles on drums. They announced their breakup on February 25, 2014, and did their final tour in May 2014. The fivesome, who met in high school, have enjoyed more than 10 seconds of fame, enduring 12 years, three albums, three years, two Juno nominations, and countless kilometres through Canada, Europe and Japan — all without losing a band member.


1 The Good Life

2 Between Today And Tomorrow

3 A Thousand Times Committed

4 Don't Die On Me Tonight

5 Another Destiny

6 Home In The Heartland

7 The Last Song I Will Ever Waste On You

One More For The Road - 2004


Welcome To Wherever You Are 3:25                      Life Times 2:59

Every Day 3:27                                                       Yours To Lose 3:14

Costa La Vista Baby 3:04                                       Well, That's The Thing 2:49

Windows 3:58                                                         Get So Far 3:31

Stand Up 3:11                                                         First & Foremost 3:25

Further Now 3:53                                                    

Hometown - 2008


Young Classics 3:33                                            Sanctuary 3:29

Runaway 3:38                                                      Better Off 3:47

Don't 3:36                                                             Eastbound 4:05

Animal Choices 3:51                                            After Hours 3:00

Giving Up 3:14                                                     Northstar 4:4

Better Off - 2011


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