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The 222's (punk)

The 222s are a punk band that was active from 1977 to 1981 and are among the first original Canadian punk bands and most likely the first glam/punk band to emerge from Montreal. They are most famous for their 1978 single "I Love Suzan". The band temporarily re-formed in 2010 and still occasionally play festivals in Canada.  The 222s, who took their name from a Canadian pain killer of the same name, were formed by guitarist Pierre "Al Cleann" Major and singer Jean "Frisson" Brisson in the summer of 1977.  

222's - Montreal Punk - 2006.jpg

Montreal Punk - 2006

The 222's - She Wants Revenge - 2012.jpg

She Wants Revenge - 2012



1 Female                                                 2 Hold Up

3 Always Around                                     4 She Wants Revenge

5 Fun, Fun, Fun                                      6 Academic Drop

7 Lowlife                                                  8 First To Third Round

9 La Poupée Qui Fait Non (Demo Version)

10 Come To Me Cold                             11 Jailbait (Live, Club Montreal) 1980

12 First Studio Bomb (Live, Rotter's Club, Ottawa) 1979

13 Something New (Live, Venue Unknown) 1981

14 Dumb Girl (Live, Venue Unknown) 1981

Bonus Video Tracks

15 First Studio Bomb (Video Of 1978 Cable T.V. Performance)

16 Fun, Fun, Fun (Video Of 1980 Cable T.V. Performance)

17 What Love (Live Video)                    18 I Love Suzan (Live Video)

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Female                                                    Hold Up

Always Around                                        She Wants Revenge

Fun, Fun, Fun                                         Academic Drop

Lowlife                                                     First To Third Round

A Poupee Qui Fait Non                          Come To Me Cold

Jailbait                                                    First Studio Bomb

Something New                                      Dumb Girl