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The Action (punk rock)

In April of 1976, brothers John and Paul Fenton formed a band in Ottawa, Ontario. After pulling in a drummer, the clueless trio started a straight ahead rock group. They decided to audition singers for the yet unnamed group and gave Paul's friend Ted Axe a try. They found a new bass player in Rick McDonough and became The Action. The Action caused a stir in early December 1980 when they played at a local high school. The principal filed a complaint with the Ottawa-Hull district American Federation of Musicians that the band's conduct on stage was unsuitable.  The Action disbanded in 1981.

Action - T.V.'s On The Blink (EP) - 1978

T.V.'s On The Blink (EP) - 1978


 T.V.'s On The Blink 1:52

 Down Town Boy 2:49

 Waiting For The Man 2:43

 Do The Strangle 3:42

Action - Slashing, White Hot - 2009.jpg

Slashing, White Hot (comp) - 2009


TV's On The Blink                                        Downtown Boy

Waitin' For The Man                                     Do The Strangle

Succes Without College                               Seafood Mama

Pressed Pig                                                  Zona Rosa

Let You Down                                               Arena

Darts                                                            Mr. T

Zona Rosa (Live)                                         Seafood Mama (Live)

Mr. Holmes                                                  No Applause/Aryan Love

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