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The Anger Brothers (rock)

They were neither angry, nor brothers. They were, however, a Canadian supergroup of musicians paying homage to the British Invasion.  Initially created as an acoustic trio to perform at Blues On Belair in Yorkville at the end of the '90s called, cheekily, The Greg Godovitz Orchestra & Chorus, veteran musician Greg Godovitz (Fludd, Goddo, Carpet Frogs) teamed up with old friend and stalwart music personality Bob Segarini (Family Tree, Wackers, The Dudes, Cats & Dogs) with a rotating cast of keyboardists including Ron Christian. With the addition of permanent keyboardist/vocalist Brad "Mr. Anger" Lovatt, the group changed its name to The Anger Brothers.

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Anger Brothers - The Anger Brothers - 20

The Anger Brothers - 2002


1 Rock Star 4:50                                2 Strange Girl 3:20

3 Let Me Stay 4:21                            4 Baby Blue 3:31

5 1500 Dollars 4:26                           6 All My Wheels Are Turning 3:52

7 Moroccon Girl 4:39                         8 Lisa's New Dress 2:34

9 I Wanna Be On My Own 3:58        10 And Your Bird Can Sing 2:14

11 Goodbye 4:47


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