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The 'B' Girls (punk, power pop)

The B-Girls were a Toronto punk rock band from the first wave of punk in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  The B-Girls formed in 1977 with an all-girl line-up with Lucasta Ross (A.K.A. Rochas) on vocals, Renee Chetsky (guitar), Xenia Holiday (guitar), Cynthia Ross (bass) and Rhonda Ross on drums. who would later be replaced by Marcy Saddy who had briefly played with the Demics.  The bands collected recordings were released in 1997 remixed by Chris Spedding in a cd entitled "Who Says Girls Can't Rock". The members of the band are in the documentary "The Last Pogo Jumps Again".

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B Girls - Who Says Girls Can't Rock - 19


1 'B' Side                                                    2 Hearts In His Eyes

3 Heartbreaker                                           4 Alibi

5 Who Says Girls Can't Rock                    6 Boys Are Drinking

7 Two Hearts Full Of Love                         8 Alibi

9 Jealousy                                                 10 Fun At The Beach

11Two Hearts Full Of Love                        12 Angel Doesn't Shoot A Gun

13 Mystery                                                 14 Alibi

15 Big Girl                                                  16 Savage Fever

17 Chinese Rocks                                     18 Long Distance Love

19 Fun At The Beach

Who Says Girls Can't Rock - 1997

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Bad Not Evil - 2017



'B' Side                                                     Fun At The Beach

Who Says Girls Can't Rock                     Boys Are Drinking

Alibi                                                          Two Hearts

Heartbreaker                                            Angel Doesn't Shoot A Gun

I'll Be Your Alibi                                        Hearts In His Eyes

Jealousy                                                  Mystery

Long Distance Love (Live at Hurras, NYC, 1981)

Chinese Rocks (Live at The Colonial Underground, Toronto, 1981)

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