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The Balconies (alternative, indie rock)

The Balconies are an alternative music trio, based in Toronto, Ontario. Originally from Ottawa, the band consists of siblings Jacquie and Steve Neville, and Liam Jaeger. They released their first studio album, Fast Motions, in February 2014.  The Balconies won Live 88.5's Big Money Shot which gave them a development package of $75,000, workshops with other music industry leaders, radio airplay, and numerous performance opportunities. The Balconies made their television debut on the second season of CBC's, Cracked.  In 2018 the band announced that after ten years, they are calling it quits. - Wikipedia

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1 Lulu                                                             2 300 Pages

3 Smells Like Secrets                                    4 The Slo

5 Elephant Lamp                                           6 Ghost Fever

7 Hollow Bones                                             8 Battle Royale

9 Skinny Dipper                                            10 Serious Bedtime

11 Rest Up

The Balconies - 2009


Boys And Girls 3:39                                           I Know You're Right 4:12

Good And Ugly 4:18                                          Moving Parts 1:05

The Slo 4:35                                                      Kill Count 3:07

Beating Your Heart 5:18                                    Fast Motions 4:48

Do It In The Dark 5:02                                       Let Me Go 2:46

Fast Motion - 2014


War                                                                    Middle of the Night

Zombie Love                                                      Rhonda Begins

Money Money                                                    Knock me Down

Queen Jesus                                                     Rhonda

Guilty Pleasures                                                Buried

D Day


Rhonda - 2016


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