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Collectors, The (psychedelic rock)

The Collectors were formed in Vancouver, BC in 1961. Originally known as the C-Fun Classics, they released 2 singles in 1963 as The Classics, & 1 single as the Canadian Classics in 1966 before renaming themselves as The Collectors. The band featured Howie Vickers on lead vocals, Bill Henderson on lead guitar, recorder, keyboards and lead vocals (these last mostly on Grass and Wild Strawberries), Claire Lawrence on tenor saxophone, harmonica, keyboards, flute, organ, recorder and vocals, Glenn Miller on bass and vocals, and Ross Turney on drums and percussion. The Collectors' biggest hit was their first single, 'Looking at a Baby', released in March 1967 on the Valiant label in the U.S. and on New Syndrome in Canada. Howie Vickers left the group in 1969, and the remaining members of the band reconstituted themselves as Chilliwack, with Bill Henderson taking over lead vocals.

The Collectors - The Collectors - 1968.g

The Collectors - 1968

The Collectors - Grass & Wild Strawberri

Grass & Wild Strawberries - 1969

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What Is Love 3:45

She (Will-O-The-Wind) 3:45

Howard Christman's Older 5:10

Lydia Purple 2:45

One Act Play 3:40

What Love (Suite) 19:15


Prelude 4:49                                                       Grass & Wild Strawberries 2:01

Things I Remember 2:46                                    Don't Turn Away (From Me) 3:10

Teletype Click 2:55                                             Seventeenth Summer 3:29

The Long Rain 2:57                                            My Love Delights Me 2:23

Dream Of Desolation 2:30                                  Rainbow On Fire 2:52

Early Morning 3:28                                             Sheep On The Hillside 4:17

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