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The Esquires (pop, rock)

The Esquires were a rock 'n roll band, based in Ottawa, active from 1962 to 1967. The band is notable as the recipient of the first Juno Award in Canada, as well as being one of Canada's earlier pop music recording acts. The first Canadian music video ever made is said to be that of an Esquires song. The band is also notable as having had Bruce Cockburn as a later member, and also for one of its hit songs, "It's a Dirty Shame", having been written by William Hawkins. The Esquires (not to be confused with the same-named R&B group The Esquires from Milwaukee, Wisconsin) were co-founded in Ottawa, in 1962, by Clint Hierlihy and Gary Comeau, while both were still in high school.

Esquires - Introducing The Esquires - 19


Wonderful Land                                               Rhythm Shoes

A Touch Of Blue                                              Which Way The Wind Blows

Man From Adano                                            Unchained Melody

Walking Proud                                                 Buddy Holly Medley

Tribute To Buddy                                             Peggy Sue

That'll Be The Day                                           Think It Over

The Girls                                                          Tragedy

36-24-36                                                          My Blue Heaven


Introducing The Esquires - 1964

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