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The Glads (punk, garage)

The Glads probably first met in early 2000 at Birdman Sound record store on Bank Street in Ottawa, Canada. Longtime friends and band-mates Tim Matthews and Patrick Shanks decided that they were sufficiently bored and miserable enough to start up yet another Rock and Roll combo. From the obscure to your fave rave, The Glads are a product of their very cool record collections. Add beer, energy, wit, fuzz boxes, sweat, heartache, lust and fun and you have pretty much got a bad case of The Glads. The Glads are a tight and trashy little beat combo who love to play loud garage Rock and Roll music wherever and whenever they are allowed.

Glads - Bad Case Of The Glads - 2003.jpg

Bad Case Of The Glads - 2003


1 My Baby Likes To Get Smashed                    2 Cat That's Gone To The Dogs

3 Hoodoo Girl                                                    4 Got Your Stink

5 Talkin' Behind My Back                                  6 Bad Buzz Baby

7 Got It In For Me                                              8 Widen Up

9 Drinkin' And Drivin' Me Wild                           10 Stuck In A Rut

11 Fashion Conscious                                       12 Outta My Head


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