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The Mighty Pope (funk, soul)

The Mighty Pope (born Earle Heedram; October 23, 1945) is a Jamaican-Canadian funk and soul singer. Known for his vocal strength (hence the "Mighty" prefix in his stage handle) and sharp visual presentation, he was marketed as a something of a "sex symbol" at the height of his recording career in the mid-to-late 1970s. After fronting minor combos Ram  and the Wild Oats (unrecorded), Pope eventually went solo and saw greater commercial success. Thanks to non-stop touring, Pope continued to gain recognition and adoration. By the mid-seventies, his dynamic stage act caught the attention of RCA Records Canada, who released his self-titled The Mighty Pope soul LP in 1977.

Mighty Pope - The Mighty Pope - 1977.jpg

The Mighty Pope - 1977


Heaven On The Seventh Floor 2:57                Can't Get By Without You 2:45

Rescue Me 3:04                                               Tower Of Strength 3:11

Whatever Goes Around 2:42                           If You Want A Love Affair 3:34

Love On A Disco Floor 3:00                             Telephone Lovers 2:57

Many Rivers To Cross 4:00                              If That's The Way You Want It

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Mighty Pope - Sway - 1979.jpg


Sway 4:50

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 7:30

New Orleans 8:50

Because The Night 5:30

Sweet Blindness 7:43

Sway - 1979