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The Nils

Montreal, Quebec

The Nils was a Montreal punk rock band formed in 1978 by Alex Soria. They started to gain popularity in 1982 upon the release of a five-song demo entitled Now. The band acquired a significant following by extensively touring North America while still managing to release two EPs back to back: Sell Out Young (1985) and Paisley (1986). Their critical success caught the attention of executives of the now defunct NYC hip hop label Profile records. By 2003, Alex and Mark Donato began playing again as The Nils and started the legwork on a follow up to their 1987 release. Then, tragically on December 13, 2004 the band halted when Alex ended his life on a train track near his home.  - Wikipedia



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Years Active


1978 - present



Young Man In Transit


Love to Hate



Carlos Soria, Bass and Vocals, Mark Donato, Guitars and Vocals

Phil Gravedigger, Guitars, Emilien Catalano, Drums


Alex Soria, Vocals and guitar, Chico Fit, Bass, Guy Caron, Bass, Terry Lee Toner, Drums

Eloi Bertholet Drums, Jean Lortie, Drums, Yvan Doroshuk, Keyboards, Colin Burnett, Drums, Psarakos, Guitar

Music & Merch

Sell Out Young - 1985

Paisley - 1986

The Nils - 1987

Green Fields In Daylight - 1996

The Title Is The Secret Song - 2009

It Must Be Something!... - 2009

Now + Sell Out Young - 2009

Shadows And Ghosts - 2015

Brave New Waves Session - 2017