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The Peelers (punk, Celtic)

Now based in Montreal, The Peelers were formed in 1999 in North Glengarry. Less than an hour from the city, they immersed themselves in a hotbed of Gaelic culture which smashed head-on into a love of whiskey, poetry, footy, debauchery, ska and punk. The band has evolved to become one of the most acclaimed Celtic punk acts in the genre. They don’t just bend the rules of tradition with their blend of aggro & trad Irish - these long ball merchants tear it to pieces. The band has three releases: 'Boots and Suits', ‘Liquordale’, and ‘Palace of the Fiend'. The latter two named Album of the Year by U.S. based webzine Shite n’ Onions, an online bible for Celtic punk rock enthusiasts.

Peelers - Boots And Suits - 2002.jpg


1 Blond With A Black Skirt Medley                      2 Tim's Fennegan Wake

3 Jesse James                                                    4 Irish Rover

5 I'll Meet U At The Bottom (of A Bottle)

6 Repeal Of The Licensing Laws/Battle Of Brisbane

7 Fields Of Athenry                                             8 The Martintown Song

Boots And Suits - 2002

Peelers - Liquordale - 2005.jpg


1 Sweet Mary Of The Bog                                 2 The Glen Will Rise Again

3 Katie Bar The Door                                        4 The Girls Of Tramore

5 Sons of Molly / Catharsis                               6 I'll Meet You At The Bottom (Of A Bottle)

7 Liquordale                                                      8 Rebel Road

9 The Little Beggarman                                    10 Savannah (You've Been Good To Me)

11 Plastic Paddy

Liquordale - 2005

Peelers - Let's Detonate - 2006.jpg


1 Astronaut                                                       2 Pleasure Lines

3 Sadr City                                                       4 Dig Me

5 I Don't Want To                                              6 Guru

7 Wanted                                                          8 Immoral Minority

9 Android Girl                                                   10 Something For Your Love

11 Brand New Thing

Let's Detonate - 2006

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