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The Treble (alternative rock)

The Treble are a young and exciting alt-rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have been carving out their place in the Canadian music scene through engaging songs and a wildly passionate live show. With a dark, casual, and confident alt-rock sound, The Treble mix strong melodies and anthemic harmonies with lyrics about friendship, travel, and staving off the real world. The band completed their first full length album entitled Modernaires in 2017.

The Treble (

Treble - Modernaires - 2017.jpg

Modernaires - 2017

Treble - Northern Lights - 2013.jpg

Northern Lights - 2013

Treble - Shaking Names And Taking Names

Shaking Hands and Taking Names - 2018

Treble - Rivals - 2020.jpg

Rivals - 2020


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