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Thine Eyes Bleed (death metal)

As well as possessing a rather interesting-sounding name, London, Ontario's neo-thrash-deathsters Thine Eyes Bleed feature a few musicians of equally interesting origin, with bassist Johnny Araya being in fact the brother of Slayer legend Tom and guitarist Jeff Phillips having graduated from working as a tech for all-girl nu-metal troupe Kittie. Formed in 2004, Thine Eyes Bleed is completed by vocalist Justin Wolfe, guitarist Dave Newell, and drummer Darryl Stephens, and following a pair of demos and support tours with the likes of Superjoint Ritual, Candiria , and of course Kittie , their competent debut, In the Wake of Separation, was released by The End Records in early 2005. - Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi

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Thine Eyes Bleed - In The Wake Of Separa


Cold Victim 3:58                                           Without Warning 3:22

And Since Forgotten 3:46                            Live To Die 4:38

Corpse You Up 4:16                                     Innocent Mind 3:05

Sliver 3:38                                                    Consequence Unknown 3:40

Regret Your Fear 5:55

In The Wake Of Separation - 2005

Thine Eyes Bleed - Thine Eyes Bleed - 20


With Burning Breath 4:06                            The Dragon 4:30

Crimson 4:45                                               Dark White 3:31

Shallow Skin 3:13                                        Mota Diablo 2:44

Truth In Evil 4:26                                         The Mouth Of Hell 3:22

In Mortal Sin 3:40                                        Revert To Stone 6:08

Thine Eyes Bleed - 2008

Thine Eyes Bleed - The Embers Rise - 201


1 Ashes We Called Skin 3:54                    2 Creeper 3:11

3 Eyes To The Sky 2:49                            4 A Dying Man 4:05

5 Comorbid 3:30                                       6 Beards Of Prey 5:25

7 The Last Dead 3:41                               8 End With The Night 4:07

The Embers Rise - 2011


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