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Thought Machine (crossover prog)

Thought Machine from Halifax, Nova Scotia was formed back in 2007, initially consisting of Brett Waye (vocals, bass, synths), Scott Maclean (guitars), Rob Rushton (drums) and Marc Langille (guitars). A few alterations did occur in the early days of the band, with Rushton leaving due to creative differences, replaced by Adam Wedgewood, before this foursome could hone in on the territory they wanted to explore. Thought Machine made their debut in 2010 with "Maiden Voyage". Since then they have performed live on regular occasions. Other obligations have since resulted in the band now being in hiatus.

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Thought Machine - Maiden Voyage - 2010.j

Maiden Voyage - 2010


1. Gordian Knot I. The Binding 05:30                  2. Gordian Knot II. Intricate Designs 06:22

3. Gordian Knot III. The Frayed End 04:52         4. Gordian Knot IV. Hold On (Reprise) 05:02

5. Chalk Lines 04:01                                           6. Persuasion 05:10

7. The Fall of House Atreides 05:56                   8. The Season Unspoken 04:02

9. Breathing Lessons 03:39                                10. Young Guns 08:43

11. Personal Gods 03:38                                    12. Maiden Voyage (Storm of Being) 08:23


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