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Too Many Cooks (alternative rock, pop)

Richard d'Anjou from Sherbrooke, Quebec made his debut on the music scene alongside Dan Georgesco in 1986. Together they formed Too Many Cooks and released five albums whose influence goes beyond borders. Fast forward to 2017, the band is no longer a working unit and Richard D’Anjou has been out of the music spotlight for ten plus years. The former ‘addict’ and current sober Father has returned with an album that could well be the best Rock album from Quebec this year.

too many cooks.jpg
Too Many Cooks - Too Many Cooks - 1988.j

Too Many Cooks - 1988

Too Many Cooks - Food Fight - 1991.jpg

Food Fight - 1991

Too Many Cooks - Turning To Stone - 1993

Turning To Stone - 1993

Too Many Cooks - Decadence - 1995.jpg

Decadence - 1995

Too Many Cooks - Hungry - 1998.jpg

Hungry? - 1998

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